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Stray Cat Crossing is an indie psychological-horror pixel RPG about the protagonist’s encounter with a mysterious girl (named Cat), and her ensuing fantastical and highly-metaphorical journey. The game, developed in RPG Maker by Jurlo and JetPackGone, and published by Fridge, was initially released for Steam on August 29, 2015, and has received largely positive reviews.

"Stray Cat Crossing is an indie pixel horror game about an encounter with a mysterious little girl named Cat. Explore a surreal world filled with colorful characters, challenging riddles, and dark secrets."
"Game Description'' taken from Steam page

"You find yourself in a roadside clearing. A little girl named Cat is crying nearby. She needs you to take her home, where you’ll encounter bizarre monsters, ethereal places, and heart-wrenching secrets about Cat and her family."

'Story' taken from Steam page


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