The Sphinx is a character the player (Cat) encounters during the 'maze arc.' She is located on the West Side, however if the player attempts to enter her residence before seeing the events of the East Side, she will angrily yell at them to get out. 

Appearance Edit

The Sphinx has the head of a white, large-horned ram (interestingly, as opposed to that of a smaller-horned, female ewe) and red eyes. She wears a red, floral kimono with a white, striped sash.

Personality Edit

The Sphinx is portrayed as mysterious and at times dark – as is seen through the wolves’ dialogue – however is generally calm during her interactions with Cat. She consistently refers to herself in the third person as 'Ze Woman', speaking with a French accent, and calls Cat 'ze girl.'

Upon consuming the Red Larva (which she asks the protagonist to retrieve for her in exchange for the separation of the wolves), she says that she lost her sanity long ago because of 'events' in her past. She is a metaphor/vision of Cat’s memories of the stories her mother used to tell her, as well as a symbol of Cat’s mother, motherhood/womanhood in general, and of the guilt Cat feels for her mother and unborn siblings’ deaths.
Sphynx os


  • The Sphinx does not trust the wolves, and refuses to separate the "spider" upon initial request.
    • She will ask the player to retrieve a Red Larvae from the maze as a price for separating the "spider". 
  • Sphinx speaks in a French accent, saying "ze" in place of the word "the". She constantly refers to herself as "ze woman", and to the player as "ze girl".