Cat is the protagonist of Stray Cat Crossing. Initially seeking to retrieve her scarf from a little girl, the game's objective is eventually revealed to also be the retrieval of Cat’s repressed memories.

Appearance Edit

As a young adult, Cat has tan skin, short, spiky dark-pink/red hair, and angular green eyes. Cat wears a plaid-patterned scarf loosely around her neck, a light-blue, sleeveless undershirt, a navy vest-jacket with a patch on its breast, blue jeans and a brown belt. Her overworld sprite is also depicted wearing brown boots.

As a child, Cat had blonde/ginger hair, paler skin, and wore a green and white dress with a bow around its waist, and a large-brimmed white hat with a black ribbon on it.

Cat In Game

Young Cat

Gameplay/Character Analysis Edit

Cat's journey to retrieve her scarf is a highly metaphorical, psychological adventure in which Cat unknowingly faces the repressed traumas of her past, and overcomes underlying feelings of guilt and regret.

As a child, Cat - jealous of the attention her unborn twin siblings received - ran away from home one night. Cat's parents gave search for her in their car, meanwhile Cat met a young boy on the street not too far away. Cat's parents' car soonafter approached the pair, however in the dark of the night and contrastingly blaring headlights, couldn't see the children on the road. Consequently, Cat's parents, her unborn siblings, and the boy are presumed to have died in the accident.

Throughout Cat's adventures she encounters characters representing each of these deceased figures, and in turn overcomes the 'trials' set by each in order to renew her psyche. Her siblings become Babyface, her mother the Sphinx, her father Benjamin, and the young boy the save-point boy. Having completed the tasks required by Babyface, the Sphinx, and Benjamin in order to proceed, Cat eventually finds her younger-self (selves) again, and engages in a dialogue-based challenge to amend her guilty conscience.

The game concludes when Cat engages in conversation with the save-point boy, who describes to Cat the proceedings of her forgotten memories,

YoungCat os

Trivia Edit

  • Cat is 25 years old
  • Given her younger-self had light-coloured hair, Cat’s red hair is probably dyed.